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Health and Wellbeing at Work

What is health and wellbeing and why is this important within the workplace?
The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines ‘health’ as
‘a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’.

Over the past years, it could be stated that employee well-being has always been overlooked, however, more and more employers are now more aware that the health and wellbeing of employees is essential for businesses to function.

Building healthy workplaces is essential to better work and working lives however, one in six organisations are still not doing anything to improve employee well-being. This leads to significant absences from work, quitting work and relying on benefits and lower levels of job satisfaction as well as a low level of performance at work from employees. This Project aims to encourage micro-businesses to take action and make a difference and inspire employees to better their health to avoid facing difficulties.

The Workforce Health Project aims to help micro-businesses and employees within the businesses embed and promote a preventative approach to health and well-being and encourage and support employees in being healthier and happier at work.

Also, research shows the complexity of people’s lives in today’s modern workplace and how the boundary continues to blur between work and home. Building compassionate workplaces therefore goes hand in hand with acknowledging that complexity and having respect for people as individuals. Compassionate leadership is a far from fluffy concept. It is supported by a hard business case showing desired outcomes such as improved relationships as well as higher motivation and job satisfaction levels, all of which can lead to enhanced performance and productivity.

Not surprisingly, there is also a strong association with better health and well-being because a compassionate culture is one which engenders trust and openness, and where people feel more confident to discuss any health issues and receive the support they need. Employers who are intent on creating a healthy workplace could therefore benefit from considering how to integrate compassion as part of their well-being strategy.

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Health And Wellbeing At Work 2019
Mental health also remains a much important topic. Over the last 12 months, research shows that nearly three-fifths have seen an increase in the number of reported common mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. The Project aims to provide those employees suffering from mental health issues with the right services and advice required to make a positive change within their lives as well as employees. While just one in ten organisations have a standalone mental health policy for employees, there is an increasing variety of additional support that employees can receive to maintain a positive mind and a good mental health. However, individuals within the Turkish-speaking community whom are currently working for micro-businesses are unlikely to be aware of the available services within the London Borough of Hackney and therefore our aim is to increase awareness and direct individuals to the right services. As a result of poor mental health, stress-related absence has increased over the last year in nearly two-fifths of organisations. Heavy workloads remain the most common cause of workplace stress, however, in 2018 research suggests that this work-related stress came about due to management style.

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