Project Outline:

‘Making people healthier and happier within their working environment’

Project Aim:

Supporting Turkish speaking employees who work for micro-businesses in order to reduce the amount of time away from work due to ill-health. Improve the physical and mental health of employees through providing services such as access to bi-lingual culturally sensitive information, deliver seminars regarding how the employees can improve their health and well-being.

Introduce schemes that can support and significantly impact employees at work i.e. cycling to work schemes, promotion of hydration at work, smoke cessation. Change the mentality with the introduction of this project empowering employees to better health; both physically and mentally.

Main activities within the project:

Gather 52 Turkish Speaking micro-businesses in Hackney - the businesses will be revised four weeks later (part of monitoring) and in fourth quarter (evaluation). Hold a seminar (in the fourth quarter with roughly 120 attendees) Support beneficiaries attending the DAY-MER festival.

How this project differs to other existing projects:

The aspect of ‘work base health’ has always been overlooked and there is no delivery segments which replicate this service.

Monitoring project:

Based on qualitative and quantitative evaluation methodologies.

Who does the project benefit?

Employees of micro-businesses living in the Hackney area - around 75% male ages 24-55 and a few potential 55+. Individuals working 45-50 hours per week.

Expected impacts of project for participants:

  • Increased health of the workforce
  • Sustainable workplace
  • Reduced unhealthy behaviours at work
  • Improved self-reported physical/mental health
  • Improved resilience of employees within the organisations
  • Individuals gaining a general awareness regarding health and wellbeing

Key themes:

  • Building Independence
  • Confidence

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